About Llynda More

Llynda More If it was possible to summarize the force that drives Llynda More, it might be the heartfelt desire to improve lives through her creativity.  Fortunately, for all of us, her vision and energy are boundless.  Llynda More’s creative roots are planted in her hometown, recording mecca, Nashville, Tennessee. As the daughter of one of the world’s most recorded bassists, she grew up in a musical environment that provided the foundation for her visionary aspirations, along with the high bar she set for her personal achievements.  Natural leadership qualities emerged early in Llynda More’s life during her school years. She was chosen captain of her cheerleading team, student body Vice President, Miss Nashville, Miss Tennessee and a finalist in the Miss America Pageant. These achievements made due notice of her desire to serve, ability to lead, discipline and intelligence, and ultimately, her gifts as a vocalist and performer. In the following crucial years that she became a recording artist under the CBS label, she also made time to study the art of design and sewing, which allowed her to create her own stage attire.  A near decade long period in New York’s Manhattan found Llynda signed to Warner Music Group’s publishing division while she wrote original music and performed in the city’s world renowned clubs and venues to unanimous critical acclaim. Finding the need to establish not only a musical presence, but a unique fashion statement on New York City’s many stages, she took in the worldly fashion influences that surrounded her to create her own visual persona.
It has been Llynda More’s ongoing pursuit in the area of singing and performing through the successful career she has developed globally that has brought her to unveiling the revolutionary product, Llynda More Boots™. Now based in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, she has perfected an innovation that has the potential to redefine the landscape in women’s fashion boots. She is now in the process of changing the game.  As a professional performer, Llynda More has a fan base that not only comes to expect to hear a great performance…they also come to see her. Her need for a wide variety of comfortable and attractive stage wear brought about her desire to solve problems and conquer challenges beyond just fashion. Being budget conscious, as well as storage, travel, and style conscious, she was inspired to invent a well-rounded product line that not only solved her problems as an entertainer, but solves the same problems for millions of women everywhere.  Whether she is designing her own clothing, footwear, or home decor, including window treatments, bedding, and furniture, they all maintain one central theme… improve peoples’ lives and improve them on multiple levels. Llynda More is setting out to accomplish this by addressing issues that are largely being ignored by the fashion establishment, and there is a reason these problems aren’t being addressed by the big brand conglomerates. They require more time, extra work, more creativity and more customer empathy than most are willing to invest. Llynda More is an entrepreneur boldly stating these issues and she’s on a tireless mission to solve them.  Llynda’s dedicated service to improving lives and solving problems does not end with people. A vegetarian the majority of her life, she made a commitment years ago to not contribute to the suffering of animals. As a result, the Llynda More® brand does not use animal skins, furs, and any and all animal products and by-products. It’s the wave of the future and Llynda More is doing her share to lead the way.