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Our BootTop Sizing Kit includes six BootTop samples…one BootTop of each size (sizes 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17) including six different reversible fabrics. Although the picture shows all black BootTops, we will try to include one grey and one brown BootTop in your kit if they are available. The remaining BootTop reversible fabrics can be shown to your customers by purchasing our BootTop Fabric Booklet.

The purpose of this Sizing Kit is to allow women to try on BootTops to determine their correct size. BootTops that come in a Sizing Kit are not meant for resale and are to be used for sizing and displaying to customers. Occasionally, we may include BootTops with slight aesthetic imperfections in a Sizing Kit which will in no way affect the sizing of the BootTops. This will allow us to preserve perfect BootTops for your customers.

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