Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Correct Sizes

Please check out our Proper Sizing page which covers how to order the correct boot and boot top sizes.

Product Questions:

We do extensive qualitiy control on all our products before shipping them to our customers. If your product has a manufacturers defect contact us within one calendar month of receiving your shipment and we will replace them at no charge. This does not apply to “imperfect” products which we sell at a substantial discount with the understanding that they have minor defects. Our boots are fashion boots and not meant for hiking or other outdoor sports. We reserve the right to determine whether any damage is from a manufacturing defect or normal wear and tear.
Our shipping & return polices can be found here.
Every Boot Top is interchangeable with every heel style so that you can mix and match to create hundreds of different looks to go with your outfits.
Yes, but make sure you order a Boot Top size that is large enough to fit over the material covering your legs.
Our boots use a patented system to secure the Boot Top to our boots. It is unlikely to work with any footwear from other manufacturers without some custom modifaction.
All of our products are made with vegan leather in keeping with our core value of protecting the beautiful animals that share our world. We are always exploring new technologies that promote even greater sustainability so that we can leave the planet in better shape than we found it for future generations.
Llynda More Boots has a devout commitment to the safety, love and respect for animals; therefore we do not and will not engage in the use of any animals in our products. Our materials are of the highest quality and they will have you guessing if they are genuine or faux leather, but be assured, they are man and woman made.
The advantages of vegan leather over real leather are many: more water resistant, stain resistant, easier to clean, less expensive…and best of all, you can feel good about not contributing to the suffering of animals, as well as help save our beautiful earth’s resources.
Yes, but be careful wearing them on ice and in hurricanes and tornadoes. They are certainly water resistant, but as much as you’re going to love wearing them, we recommend removing them before you go diving into the pool.

First…pet them often and tell them how much you love them.  Then follow these instructions:

Cleaning Vegan Leather:

Your beautiful new Llynda More footwear is made with high quality vegan leather so that no animals are harmed in the manufacturing of our products. Our synthetic leather is very easy to clean and water resistant, yet still breathable!  Simply use a warm damp cloth, and if desired, a drop of mild detergent containing no bleach to wipe away dirt and dust. Rinse with a soap-free damp cloth.  Any sticky residues that get on vegan leather can be removed with a drop of Goo Gone or other adhesive removers and a damp rag. For DIY fans that want to avoid chemical odors, check out this home-made natural adhesive remover.

Handling With Care

To achieve the look and soft feel of fine genuine leather, our products are made with a high quality, yet delicate vegan leather that does not appear as cheap, plastic-looking fake leather often used in the manufacturing of less expensive footwear. Therefore, walk in your LM boots with care and treat them as delicately as you would a $400 pair of fine leather boots or shoes. Remember, this is a fashion footwear product, not boots to shovel snow in or wear roughly. If you choose to wear your boots in harsh weather, we highly recommend using a ‘faux leather friendly’ protectant spray to shield them from damage.

Removing Scuffs and Polishing Your Boots

To cover any scuffs you may get on your boots from wear and tear, use a regular liquid or wax shoe polish that matches the color of your boots.

Great question! We chose a matte faux leather because of its remarkable resemblance to genuine leather. Experts with decades of experience have consistently mistaken our vegan leather for the real thing! However, if you’d like to add shine, we recommend a good quality liquid shoe polish…and shine on!
Toss them into the washing machine or wash them by hand with warm soapy water and your soles will be born again!
Yes. Llynda More Boots are created with extra foot bed depth to accommodate thicker padding under your feet, so you can remove our insoles and replace them with your own orthotics. Always consult with your orthopedic physician, but we think the doctor will approve.
We use a specific type of permanent magnet called ‘earth magnets’. They are effective at holding the Boot Tops in place and are generally harmless. We are not aware of an instance where our magnets have damaged credit cards, cell phones or cameras, but we are also not aware of any customers that choose to store these items in their shoes.
Llynda More Boots is not aware of an instance where our magnets have damaged pacemakers. Nonetheless, each consumer’s pacemaker, overall health condition and physician’s recommendation will not be the same. Thus, before purchasing Llynda More Boots, please consult with the manufacturer of your pacemaker, as well as your physician about the safety of our products in regards to your particular circumstances.
To find out who the nearest Representative is in your location, please fill out the Contact Us form and we will respond to you as soon as possible.
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