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Hello lovely ladies! Today I want to share some easy ways to organize your makeup. Putting makeup on is something most of us do every day, but if you are like most women, keeping your favorite cosmetics and tools neatly organized can become a stressful chore. I have tried many different ways of organizing my makeup, and through trial and error I’ve come up with an easy to use system that helps me start off the day feeling and looking amazing.

Egyptian women began painting their faces to improve their appearance

As modern women we take makeup for granted, but there is a fascinating history to cosmetics. We have Egyptian women to thank, all the way back as early as 4000 BC, for transforming the world into a more beautiful place. Egyptian women began painting their faces to improve their appearance, but not because they wanted to look more attractive to men. They wanted to impress their gods. They believed their appearance was directly related to their spiritual worth. In today’s modern world, most women I know are not trying to impress God when they beautify themselves, but I do think most of us can relate to our outward appearance being connected to our spiritual selves in some way. If we believe we look amazing, the confidence we feel beautifies our inner selves which makes us feel amazing…and the more beautiful and amazing we feel, the more positivity our spirit projects.

This sort of mess look familiar?

Indeed, unless we are one of the rare blessed individuals who steps out of the shower looking gorgeous, most of us ladies and even a small percentage of men can’t live without spending a little quality time each day in front of a mirror applying some kind of cosmetic. Makeup is amazing in that it can magically hide skin flaws and completely transform the appearance of certain facial features. It’s no wonder makeup is such a big part of our daily lives, so let’s talk about how we can organize it to make the experience of applying it quicker, easier, more thorough, and more efficient.

We live in a fast paced world and women today are by necessity busy multi-taskers. The fewer obstacles we have in our way, the less stressful our lives are. As a Las Vegas entertainer who also owns a business, it is not unusual for me to work a full day and then have to rush to get ready to perform as a singer. I can’t afford to waste one valuable moment and the last thing I need when putting my makeup on is to not be able to quickly find an eye pencil or lipstick I need, get stains on my fingers which creates an unwanted makeup mistake, or realize I forgot to apply something once I am on my way to the gig. Being the DIY girl I have always been, I look for creative ways to improve my experience in everything I do. After trying various systems for storing and transporting cosmetics with makeup bags and drawer organizers, I now have a way of storing and organizing my makeup that is inexpensive, saves me time and space, and reduces stress.

Organize by category

Organize by category

Separate each category into its own zip locked bag

  • Facial foundation makeup (liquid or cream foundation, concealer, translucent pressed powder, darker contouring powder, highlighting powder, glow powder, blush, sponges and applicators)
  • Eye makeup (brown eye shadow, black eye shadow, lengthening mascara for upper lashes, water-proof mascara for lower lashes, brown eye pencil, black eye pencil, glow eye pencil, liquid eyeliner, applicators)
  • Lip makeup (at least 3 shades of lipstick, some matte and some moist, at least 3 shades of lip liner, lip balm, and lip gloss)

I’ve tried the expensive makeup organizers you can buy and what I’ve learned is that sometimes the simple solutions are the easiest. You can save time, space, and money by skipping the bulky organizers that end up making it harder to find what you are looking for. Here are some of the advantages of a do-it-yourself system:

  • NO STEPS MISSED – There are several steps required in a specific order to do the best job possible when applying makeup. Having items categorized in separate bags forces you to see right in front of you in one area every product you’re going to need to complete the steps for that particular category. Example: Category 1, Foundation Makeup (Liquid foundation is applied first, concealer next, translucent powder next, contour powder next, etc.) It is easy to forget a step if your items for a category, Foundation Makeup in this example, are scattered or mixed in with items from another category, such as eye or lip makeup. You can even write a number on each item to remind you in what order to apply them.
  • LESS MESSY – Makeup is notorious for causing a mess. Sometimes pressed powders break, liquids leak, lipstick and pencil caps come off, and you can have smudges, markings and stains to deal with pretty quickly that are difficult to remove at the bottom of a drawer or cosmetic bag or in the corners of a hard plastic organizer. However, if your items are stored in a clear plastic bag, you can more easily see a spill or leak happening right away, remove your items from the bag, clean them off and easily replace the soiled plastic bag with a fresh one. Every few weeks, even if no spills or stains have occurred inside your clear plastic bag, to keep things fresh and help protect the environment at the same time, you can simply remove your items and rinse out the inside of the bag with warm water.
  • EASIER TRAVEL – If you’re like me and most other women I know, packing for a trip is just another challenge for us to overcome. It can be pretty stressful and time consuming gathering all the individual things you have to retrieve from various drawers and closets in your home. Having your makeup items always stored in three clear plastic bags requires zero thinking when it comes to deciding which makeup items you’ll need on a trip. It’s as simple, fast, and stress-free as grabbing your 3 makeup filled bags, sealing them, and placing them all together in a cosmetic bag or larger plastic bag. You’ll feel 100% confident that your suitcase won’t get soiled and that you’ve got every makeup item you’ll need on your trip without having to think or worry.

Your dressing space should inspire.

A PRETTIER DRESSING AREA – I have always found that keeping a neat and tidy dressing area contributes to a peaceful and positive mental attitude, both of which have an impact on our outer beauty. One way to keep your dressing area neat and clean to inspire inner calmness is to store makeup and toiletries out of sight. Bathroom countertops and dressing tables are not only more aesthetically pleasing with the clutter gone, but their surfaces are much easier to wipe off quickly and keep clean. Clear plastic bags filled with your three categories of makeup are easy to stow away in a drawer, rather than exposing makeup items in plain sight all day and night directly on a countertop surface.

Applying makeup is a daily routine that millions of women invest millions of hours in, but all the makeup in the world, exquisitely applied, won’t be able to cover up the stress we feel if our environment is in chaos or if we are late for work or a social event due to an obstacle tripping us up from not being organized. There is no greater stress buster or smile builder than being organized and efficient. We don’t need to spend a lot of money on makeup products or fancy makeup organizers to look and feel amazing. What we do need, though, is to think through carefully how we can cater to our individual unique lifestyles, devise a plan for that lifestyle, and take the steps necessary to get organized and stick to our plan. We can change the plan when it’s not working for us, but constantly trying to improving our lives through better organization will always empower us. When we feel empowered, we are more confident, happier overall, and our inner beauty, whether we have makeup on or not, will shine through.


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