Ten Fashion Tips for 2019

Hello lovely ladies! I’m putting together my new lineup of boots for the coming year and that got me thinking about what every woman is going to want to wear next year. Here are a few of my top fashion tips for 2019.1 |

1 | Nothing makes you look prettier in whatever clothes you wear than glowing skin, positive energy, and being physically fit. Make the #1 priority on your 2019 list being the healthiest and happiest YOU possible.

2 | Reduce stress and increase overall daily happiness by keeping your bills down with smart clothing and accessory purchases. Buy a few basic separates (skirts, jeans, leggings and tops), a reversible belt, and a few bold scarves and bracelets in your favorite colors, as well as versatile, interchangeable footwear. This will give you a much bigger bang for your buck, cause less credit card debt stress, and help you get your much needed beauty sleep every night.

A classic all-black look every woman must have in her closet.
This flattering two-button blazer is only US $129.00 at Macy’s.

3 | Make sure you have one of every kind of clothing in a rich black. Black never goes out of style and always makes you look thinner and more sophisticated. When wearing mostly black, add a pop of color with a scarf, jacket, footwear or jewelry if you want to brighten up your look.

4 | Get to know your body really well and what clothes and shoes you look good in. Be super honest with yourself about what you don’t look good in. Follow your heart and forget about what is trendy and ‘IN’ each season if it doesn’t suit your body type. Trends are put in place by the fashion business to get you to buy new clothes every season. Create your own trend by looking fantastic in what works well on your unique body.

5 | Old can be new. If you are on a budget, you do like to follow trends each season, and a season’s trend works well on your body type, the good news is…trends go in and out of style, so you can usually pull out some old styles from days gone by instead of buying new things. In 2019, you can either buy new or pull out some old pieces that have fringe, are crocheted or tie-dyed, have animal prints, or have big blocks of neon or bold, cheerful color, as those will be some of the ‘IT’ looks in the final year before we hit 2020.

Check out this crocheted long vest that features
a fringe hemline for only US $36.00 at Cavender’s.

6 | Shop for comfort. Fashion doesn’t have to be painful to be stylish. Stretch materials are being used more than ever during apparel manufacturing, so seek out comfortable, stretchable clothing. As for shoes, the more angled the foot is and the more pointed the toe is, the more uncomfortable you will be. Don’t go there unless you are into wearing shoes only once or twice and then letting them live out the rest of their lives collecting dust in your closet. There are many great looking almond-toe shoes and boots with platforms in the market that give toes more room and elevate the foot less, so DO go there to spare yourself both physical agony and wasted money.

7 | Nothing adds more beauty to the female form than a belt to accentuate your waist. Wear dark belts to make your waist look even smaller and hips look curvier. For added comfort and even more dramatic accentuation of the female form, find yourself a good stretch belt with a decorative buckle or latch that pulls you in and supports your abdomen, basically doing the same job as shape wear, except it’s worn on the outside.

8 | Hats and caps are one of my most highly recommended accessories in 2019. They can bring instant fun and fashion to your look, not to mention, save you a lot of stress and time styling your hair on days when you are rushed or are having a bad hair day. Bucket hats were on the fashion runways to show off trends for 2019, but my advice is to choose hats that go well with your facial shape. You’ll know which ones work well for you when you try them on. If you love the retro look, vintage and second hand stores can be a great way to find hats, scarves and other accessories that add that last stylish touch.

Llynda enjoying taking care of business in front of a boot display.

9 | If you don’t already have one, put an angled full length mirror in your dressing area that allows you to look in another mirror and see yourself from all angles, especially the back. We tend to only look at our front side when we’re getting dressed. Checking ourselves on the sides and back not only gives us more confidence, but usually teaches us things about our hair and the clothing and accessories we have on that we otherwise wouldn’t have realized.

10 | Be creative, experiment, and step outside your fashion comfort zone every now and then. Put things together that make you feel a little bold and daring, and don’t be afraid to explore both your feminine and masculine side. It’s healthy for the soul and makes us more well-rounded. However, make sure you do that when you are not going to an important event at which you want to feel at the top of your game. It’s better to experiment under the radar and see how comfortable you feel with your ideas before announcing them to the whole world.


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