OMG, these are seriously the most comfortable pair of sandals I have ever worn. I can walk around for 13 plus hours straight with zero foot pain. It's like having on a sneaker but much more fashionable.

Michelle cash – aurora, illinois

I love my  new sandals! Bought 3 pairs in the last month! They are the most comfortable and versatile! They go with everything and so easy to change the strap to match my outfits! Thank you, Llynda More, for the personal note, too!

Kamie lehman - Vorhees Township, New Jersey

I love my boots. I have the black, grey and brown. With all of the tops I can match up with just about any outfit in my closet. Did I mention they are the most comfortable boots that I have ever had?

Judy Van Fossen – Las Vegas, Nevada

After there years of wearing nothing but LM sandals, today I gathered up twelve pairs of my old sandals for charity.

Patti Morrison - Timberlea, Canada

With the "chilly" weather we had this past Sunday, I was able to wear my brand new More Love boots! The comfort level is AMAZING. I can't wait to get sandals and more boots and boot tops too!

Julie Chapman - Las Vegas, Nevada

Got my boots... which fit great even though I bought sight unseen... and my sample kit for boots today. So excited! Love the products and can not wait to get out of this snow storm so I can go out and show them off!

Belinda Davis - Springfield, Missouri

Just wanted to share: I am loving the sandals. I just spent two 8 hours days in my More Mello’s at a tradeshow (another business) standing on a concrete floor but it felt like I had cushioning under my feet.. saved the day and my feet! They were/are so comfortable! : ) : )

Kelly P. - Alberta, Canada

They are THE most comfortable sandals ever! I was out running errands and came home to cook and clean. I went to my room to change and realized that I didn't need to. So I spent the whole day in my Llynda More sandals! They are the best.

Leanne Shelby - Madison, Tennessee

When my Starter Kit arrived along with my boots I was so excited! I put the boots on and couldn’t believe how comfortable they were and they were even more gorgeous than I imagined! It didn’t take me long to realize that this business was full of potential so I decided to step away from the other direct sales company and put all my efforts and focus into my LMB business. I can honestly say it was the best decision I could have made! I have fun and most importantly I enjoy what I am doing!

Lena Woodford - Edmonton, Canada

I got my pair of sandals and my sizing kit today. I normally wear a 7 12" shoes. I wear an 8 boot and my sandals are an 8 and fit perfectly. They are so comfortable. I wore around house for an hour and even did laundry in them. Now I'm going to be honest... I am very impressed... I am a die hard flip flop person and I believe I have been converted because of the COMFORT... I can't wait to get the Moxy...

Barb Stiltner - Danville, Ohio

I purchased these More Luck Boots at the beginning of November so that is exactly four months ago. I wear these boots almost every day except when I wear my More Love's. The weather has been crazy, raining one day, freezing the next, -25, plus 7, very unpredictable but I have to say one thing... they look as good as the day that I PURCHASED them. Every time I wear them I use a leather softener on them to protect them. The 1/8 rubber sole on the bottom stands up to those icy patches and they are the most comfortable boot I have ever had on my feet. The boot tops I love because they help keep my legs nice and toasty... Are they worth their weight in GOLD, MOST DEFINITELY...This is one purchase that I am definitely glad I have made and can't wait to have more pairs of these amazing LLYNDA MORE BOOTS...

Dayna Whitford - Boyle, Canada

WOW. I just had to tell you that I give you, your product, company, and staff the absolute highest possible accolades across the board. First of all, it is so apparent to me that you have put so much research, love and devotion into your product. I just marvel at the attention to detail, not only in the workmanship, design, fabrics, concept, company philosophy, but also in your website design, FAQs, return policy, etc. You have thought of it EVERYTHING! Furthermore, your staff and "field workers" are all so professional, friendly, accommodating, understanding, and just plain NICE. Ben especially!Most of all, I just LOVE the concept of your boots. It is BRILLIANT. They look fantastic, and are so amazingly comfortable. They address the boot nightmare faced by women like me who have heavier calves. It has been nearly impossible find "hip" boots (that don't look like they are made for old ladies) in larger calf sizes. The versatility of styles is tremendous. Also, I am bow-legged, and the various styles really help balance out and visually "correct" the look of bowed legs! Congratulations on your innovation, hard work, and superlative fashion sense. I am a fan forever and will tell everyone I know about your product.

Laura - Winnetka, Illinois

Got two pairs of boots in the mail yesterday, grey medium heel and black stilettos. LOVE them and the grey exceeds my expectations!

Tara Urban - Saunderstown, Rhode Island

I tried on the boots and OMG!! They feel amazing!!! My feet are cushioned, there's no stress on my toes, and the toe box has plenty of room! I could dance all night and then some in those boots! What a fantastic feel. These shoes are worth twice what you charged for them.

Jeanne Stojkovic - Valencia, California

OMG... received my sandal kit today... all I can say is they are awesome!

Chetwynd, Canada

Rough day at my day job but came home to a pair of new sandals and everything is now good! Couple things - I typically don't wear this type of sandal. The straps typically don't allow my stubby little toe to fit. I was admittedly hesitant. They are a perfect for my toes! I wear an 8 1/2 typically. My size 9 LMB boots fit perfect with an insole. The sandal fits just right. Love them Llynda More!

Carrie Griggs Drumm - Weatogue, Connecticuit

After my performance, I had to change into a pair of pumps, wishing I didn't have to take off my Lynda More Boots because they were SO comfortable! Not only are they the most comfortable boots I've ever worn, they are gorgeous. And, I was able to quickly transform them into three different looks for three different numbers I perform in iCandy... amazing!

Daisy De La Hoya - Las Vegas, Nevada

Your boots look fantastic. My wife said they feel like she is walking on air, or little pillows... I forget which she said but she definitely said one of those!

Robert Xeno - Nashville, Tennessee

I always have to buy ankle boots because my calves are so small and I have big feet. I immediately fell in love with Llynda More Boots because they actually fit me! I wear the smallest calf size, size 12, and the biggest boot size, size 11! I am so excited to finally have a tall boot that fits!


"Dear Sue (LMB Representative), I am so excited about my boots!!!! It was so fun seeing all of the different set ups for your boots and versatility of looks. My favourite part is the ability to choose your calf size. The high heel is actually so comfy and you can tell that they are good quality. I love how they even come with extra heel tips. I actually lost one from another pair in the snow last week. LOL. They came fast too!!!! Can’t wait to rock them on Monday at work. You rock!

Janine M.

One day, one of my friends walked into my office and shared the Llynda More Boot video with me. After the video was complete I looked at her and asked her if she was going to start selling, she said no, so I said well then I am! I immediately called LMB headquarters and spoke with Mark on and off for a week until I placed my order. I was questioning how they would fit me as there was nobody in my state selling so I couldn't try them on. Most boots give me a blister on my little toe, but Mark was very confident in the product and thought I wouldn’t have a problem, although everyone is different. He was right, they fit like a charm and I wear them almost every day.

Darci Laudenbach - Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

I absolutely love my pair of sandals. I've only had mine a week and I will never wear another pair of sandals. I have about 6 different pairs of wedge sandals and none of them compare to my Llynda More Sandals. They are so comfortable and they don't hurt my feet after having them on all day. My husband Rodney and I went to the Phoenix swap meet yesterday walked around there for a couple of hours and my feet didn't feel a thing but comfort. If I would have worn any of my other sandals I would have had to sit down and rest after about 30 minutes. Not with my Llynda More Sandals. My husband and I just became Llynda More representatives and let me tell you that the sandals and boots are amazing. I have never felt a boot or sandal that feels the way these boots and sandals feel. I love the fact that I can create my own style just by changing the color or style of the sandal straps. I can honestly say that my sandals have changed my life and I can't wait for these sandals to change lives out here in Arizona. Thank you to Tina R for introducing us to Llynda and Mark and forever changing my life.

Sarah W. - Arizona
I just want to tell you how wonderful your sandals were on my NY trip. They were the only pair of shoes I took with me. They were so easy to get on and off at security check points at the airports. I wore them everywhere, including walking around New York City and they were so comfortable the whole time. I'm still using them almost every day here at home in Las Vegas too! Love them!
Barbara Sciortina - Las Vegas, Nevada